Affected files : RENDER.pdf

Details: Multiple fixes in circuits.




Affected files : RENDER.pdf

Details: Multiple fixes in circuits.

(missed depleted MOSFET connection)

(missed interconnect in C/Y buffers)

(CC0 - CC3 and LL0,LL1 are renamed to CC0#-CC3#, LL0#, LL1#, inverted logic)

(missed depleted MOSFET)

  (remade to ease TINT recognition)



Affected files : 2C02G.zip, MID.pdf

Details: fixed poly line in OAM $2004 counter bit 0:

Renamed OAM0-OAM7 to /OAM0-/OAM7 (inverted logic). OAM8 keep the same.

Added some temporary sprite logic wire names : WTF, MILF, ASAP, DDD, LOL, BAKA They will be renamed after functionality will be known.



Affected files : PADS.pdf, 2C02G.zip, DATAREAD.pdf, MID.pdf, RENDER.pdf

Details: Added numerous wire names and changed inverse-level of some names.

DATAREAD: added small circuit for shift-registers control. Named all wires.

MID: renamed final color output. Renamed /RD + /WR (inverse logic)

RENDER: renamed palette SRAM column/row, added some wires.



Affected files : RENDER.pdf

Details : cleanup of $2005/$2006 write latch.


Affected files : OAM.pdf

Details : small cleanup (OFETCH line)


Affected files : RENDER.pdf

Details : small cleanup.


Affected files : 2C02.pdf, MID.pdf, OAM.pdf, ADDRCTRL.pdf


Address decoder (some optimization, eliminating redundant transistor) :


OAM buffer (missing buried contact) :


Missing poorly visible diffusion under metal layer in secondary OAM counter :

Thanks to : 楼丞紫澈  :)

Other fixes (all in MID part) :

Input carry of secondary OAM counter and enpowered transistors of regular structure :

Secondary OAM counter controls :

OSTEP = step secondary OAM counter
ORES = reset secondary OAM counter

Sprite 0 Hit :